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MERV 8 Home Select Air Filter (2 pack)

I-MRVAC0801-02-1424-XXXX-V1 5.0 star rated
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  • Energy Star: No
  • Water Sense: No
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  • Media Feature Markdown: ### Superior Design and Construction * Media Support: 100% non-woven synthetic media manufactured from recyclable material. * Media: 1Diamond-shaped expanded metal. * Pleat Design: 1V-pleat design aids in pressure drop while reducing energy cost. Design allows for maximum airflow and DHC during the life of the filter. * Frame: Unbleached, natural Kraft-board with moisture inhibitor. ### Replacing Your Air Filter Maintenance of your AC and furnace will assure good air quality in your home, increase the lifespan of your system and consume less energy. Most filters require a change every 30 to 90 days, depending on the type and efficiency of your filter.
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Model: SCF11424
MERV 8 pleated air conditioning furnace filters utilize 100% synthetic media. They help capture airborne particles/allergens between 3-10 microns in size and are an ideal upgrade from standard disposable panel furnace filter. Since its unique filtering medium does not rely on electrostatic charge to capture particulate, the pleated filters allow for maximum airflow and dust holding capacity during the life of the filter. These highly efficient, low resistance filters come in a wide range of sizes (including 1"depth) and will fit most commercial and industrial installations with little or no system modification. Fasteners are available to adapt the filter to existing filter banks. Intended for home and commercial use. ### What is a MERV rating? Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values, or MERVs, report a filter's ability to capture larger particles between 0.3 and 10 microns (µm). * This value is helpful in comparing the performance of different filters. * The rating is derived from a test method developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). * The higher the MERV rating the better the filter is at trapping specific types of particles.