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Aquanta Smart Gas Water Heater Controller

I-AQCAG100E-01-XXXX-XXXX-V1 3.8 star rated
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  • Energy Star: No
  • Water Sense: No
  • Media Feature: K-TAaGla_rs
  • Media Feature Markdown: Ensure that the location of your water heater has reasonable signal strength from your Wi-Fi router. If your Wi-Fi isn’t always on, your Aquanta can’t talk to you! Aquanta operates on 2.4 GHz networks and is not compatible with 5 GHz. Aquanta works with most residential and small commercial storage-style water heaters, the most common type in the US and Canada. However, please check the below compatibility requirements before purchasing:   #### Compatible * Electric or Natural gas water heaters with electronic ignition controls, including: * All power-vented models (powered by a plug into a wall outlet) * Atmospheric-vented models with newer controls   #### Not Compatible * Atmospheric-vented natural gas water heaters models with old-style, mechanical controls * Heat pump water heaters * Tankless or instantaneous water heaters * Boiler-fed water heaters * “Combi” systems
  • Media Feature Disclaimer (JSON): { "icon": "install", "title": "Get Up and Running: How to Install", "description": "For more help installing:\n\n[View Aquanta Smart Electric Water Heater Controller Installation Guide]({openNewTab})\n\n[View Aquanta Smart Gas Water Heater Controller Installation Guide]({openNewTab})" }
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  • Brand: Aquanta
  • Water Sense: No
Model: AQ-CA-G100-ESL
Aquanta is a “learning” water heater controller that enables monitoring and hot water energy use control via a mobile app, downloadable for free from the Apple App or Google Play store. The Aquanta is an easily retrofittable water heater controller that puts your electric or gas water heater in the palm of your hand - heating water only when you need to. Easy, do-it-yourself installation takes 15 minutes and connects to your home Wi-Fi.   ### In the box * Aquanta Controller * 2 Temperature Sensors * 4 Cable Ties (for attaching sensors) * 4 Clips (for sensor wires) * 1 Communications Cable (gas version only) * 1 Mounting Bracket (gas version only)